About Me

Jamie Capot-Blanc: A Weaver of Worlds

In the intricate embroidery of life, Jamie Capot-Blanc threads stories with the same precision and passion he brings to his professional endeavors. With a background rich in engineering and project management, spanning the dynamic fields of power engineering, oil & gas, and renewable energy, Jamie’s transition into the realm of storytelling might seem unexpected. Yet, it is within this duality of expertise and creativity that his true talent flourishes.

By day, Jamie is a dedicated Project Manager at Dene Dynamics, where he applies his keen analytical skills and comprehensive knowledge to spearhead innovative energy solutions in Fort Nelson, British Columbia. His work, grounded in a strong educational foundation from the University of Victoria and Griffith University, alongside certifications in Power Engineering, showcases his commitment to sustainable development and technological advancement.

However, as the sun sets on the technical world, Jamie’s imaginative spirit takes flight. Writing in the serene quiet of his spare time, what began as a hobby has swiftly become a focal point of his life. Jamie’s foray into writing is not confined to one genre or medium; whether it’s crafting compelling stories, drafting meticulous proposals, or analyzing market trends, he brings a storyteller’s heart to all he does.

His debut novel, “The Secret Tale of Solandria: Breaking the Enchanted Silence,” is a testament to his ability to blend the fantastical with the tangible, inviting readers into worlds where magic breathes life into the silenced and where heroes rise from the unlikeliest of places. Yet, this novel is merely the beginning. Jamie’s ambition stretches far beyond the borders of Solandria, with plans to explore various realms of fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between.

Jamie Capot-Blanc is not just an author; he is a creator, builder, and sharer of worlds, weaving narratives that resonate with readers long after the last page is turned. In his stories, as in his professional projects, Jamie seeks not just to entertain but to enlighten, challenging us to look beyond the surface and discover the magic hidden in plain sight.

- Jamie Capot-Blanc

We are determined not by our experiences themselves, but by the meaning we give to them.

A previous member of the project management team for Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal.

I create websites with a small team. Dene Dynamics operates out of Fort Nelson, BC.

I help manage a Canadian First Nations news website, North Native News.

My biggest creative outlet is my photography and writing. This site is that outlet.