Legacy Launchpad



***This is a project proposal. Intended for a project management company or community leadership.***

The Legacy Launchpad: First Nation Edition is a pioneering entrepreneurship contest designed specifically for the vibrant communities of First Nations people. This initiative seeks to uncover, nurture, and scale innovative business ideas that promise not only economic prosperity but also social and cultural enrichment for the community. At its heart, the contest is about fostering a sustainable ecosystem of entrepreneurship that aligns with the community’s values, traditions, and long-term aspirations.

The initiative is built on a foundation of inclusivity, empowerment, and community engagement. From the submission phase through to the final pitch event, “The Legacy Launchpad” will engage community members, local businesses, and leaders in a collective effort to bring forward-thinking business ideas to life. Participants will benefit from comprehensive support, including workshops, mentoring, and resources tailored to their needs, ensuring they are well-equipped to succeed in today‚Äôs competitive market.


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